Finally another update...!

I've been pretty busy lately, so I didn't have much time to attend to the blog. But the things that kept me busy are worth every second and I'm not complaining. I've had plenty of photo opportunities in the past months, and quite some of the shots have been taken with the 300D. Yeah, I know I said it's a monster, and I still feel that way, but it's not a bad camera at all. It's just a bit big and the controls too fiddly for my taste.

In the meantime I've also come to like my M2, another change of mind. Before, I liked the camera's handling but couldn't get over the lack of a light meter. And handling a handheld light meter at -25 degrees Celsius isn't really my idea of a good time. So I took the camera to Mongolia but left it at home most of the time, prefering to take the Bessa R, the CL or the 300D.

What changed my mind is that I found out I already a Leica MC light meter lying about! It used to be my dad's, who had given it to me a while back because I needed a small light meter for my FEDs and Zorkis. I never used it much, and after I had given up using the Russians I forgot about the MC. Now that I've found it again and stuck it on the M2, I'm enjoying this camera more and more. And... the Japanesque Gold cover (bought from Aki-Asahi) draws some attention. It's "in" to be bling, it seems (what do I know about modern youth culture), and the M2 must be bling enough. :)

I've (semi-) permanently stuck the Jupiter 12 on the M2 and it's been working a treat! The wide 35mm view is a bit more than I'm used to with the wonderful Jupiter 8 for a "normal" lens. However, my experiences with the Voigtlander 25/4, which I don't use as my regular "normal" lens though I often use it on the CL for hip shots or in the confines of the Mongolian gers, have prepared me for a wide FoV and given me plenty of practise to use this wide FoV appropriately and effectively.


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