R-D1, and some other cameras.

I've ordered an R-D1!

Instead of paying 3000 euro here in amsterdam I'll be paying less than 2200 euro, which includes shipping from Hong Kong, two extra batteries and a health check of the camera before it gets send. Dr Joseph Yao has been regarded a most excellent dealer and I'm confident I'll get a camera to be proud of.

Payment to HK is a bit of a trouble, though. I have to transfer the money from bank to bank, which shouldn't be that much trouble considering that these payments go via SWIFT but my one bank takes 4(!) working days to print a transfer slip. So, I've transferred the money from one bank account to another and tonight I'll make the payment. But then it still takes 8(!) days for the money to arrive into Dr Yao's account.

I hope I'll receive the R-D1 before the family reunion in Belgium at the end of May....

April 30 is Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) in Holland. Amsterdam is overrun by visitors, who all come to see the free market that's set up in large parts of the city centre and Amsterdam Zuid. This was the first time Sumiya and Nomin were able to experience this festival and both enjoyed it very much. We bought a dozen or so books for Nomin, so she can practise reading Dutch. Then there was a giant (OK, 50cm tall) Eeyorethat just had to come home with us, and for 5 euro it was too good to leave behind. We got a few other bits and pieces but my nicest (for me, that is) was the Canonet 28 that I found for just 3 euro. The light seals are shot and the electronics are not working
but replacements for the seals are already under way from Jon Goodman, over on Rangefinderforum and the battery might be the cause of the electronics failure. I'll just have to find a new battery and follow some of the good advice I got on Rangefinderforum about the Canonet 28. Some day the camera will work again....


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