New blogs on Mongolia and (Rangefinder) Photography

Since a few days there two new "Shards of..." blogs. The first one is Shards of Photography. The blog describes itself as:
A record of my photography. Tips, information and news on rangefinders and SLR cameras, photography books, photography history, photographic art, travel photography, landscape photography and street photography. Reviews and links to information on photographers and photography websites and blogs. And I'll share my photos.

I prefer using rangefinder cameras and I've been very happy with my digital rangefinder. Positive aspect is that I'm now also using my digital SLR more often. It wasn't such a bad buy after all.

So, if you're into photography, and especially rangefinder photography, then come and visit Shards of Photography regularly. I'll be updating regularly. :)

The second "Shards of..." blog is Shards of Mongolia. The description goes:
A record of my travels to Mongolia, Russia and China. News, culture, photos, music, books, art, history, food, recipes, the environment and anything else related to Mongolia.

Mongolia holds a special place in my heart. My wife and daughter are Mongolian, so it's understandable I feel some sort of affection for their native country. But Mongolia means more to me. It's a place where I feel at home, where I enjoy going, where I have great relatives, and where I want to live in the future. For those who don't have the opportunity to visit Mongolia (and you can always contact me if you want information or have me arrange a trip or such), at least visit the Shards of Mongolia blog.

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Blogger Don said...

Super blog - keep it up! If you're a frequent flyer like I am I'm sure you'd be interested in the latest on jet lag

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