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I could never have imagined myself taking out such a huge loan as I did for our new house. Of course, I had a bit of a student loan yeeears ago but we're talking a petty 1500 euros or so, and I paid that back loooong ago. And, as a former student, I know what it means to be over drawn on your bank account. There were years that my monthly bank statements never saw black numbers! I'm glad that that time is behind me now.

My past financial experiences made me decide never to take out a loan again but to try to pay for everything in cash and in full. And if that was not possible, then no dice! I've been able to live by that creed for the past 8 years now.

But circumstances change and we needed a bigger house; real estate that would suffice for our needs for the next 10-15 years. Thankfully, I have a nicely paid job and was able, after much internal consideration and debate, to take out a mortgage. I'm not going to divulge the sum but it's a number between 150 and 200 thousand euros. A really big sum, and one that I never before imagined to loan.

We're now only waiting for the health expert of the insurance company to approve my application. Then the bank guarantee will be submitted to the seller, and we'll have our house!

Wish us luck! :)

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