Facts of life

Today is a sad day for my sister and her husband. Her father-in-law has passed away last week, and today is the funeral. Rob and Manja, my sincerest condolences. I didn't know Wim very well but I've always liked his company. To me he seemed one of the good guys.

Because of the funeral my nephew and niece are staying over at grandma and grandpa's house. But grandma is away all day and grandpa is attending the funeral, so we are taking care of Timo and Zoë. This morning early, Sumiya went to grandma's house to take care of the two little rascals. I stayed at home with Nomin, who's a little ill with an inflamed throat. By 9am we got up, got ready and went over to grandma's house. Here Nomin played for a while with Timo and Zoë.

By 11.30am we decided to go towards our house. There's a little playground just around the corner where they played for some time. Right now, we're home and the children are building a house from chairs and blankets, and are playing nicely together. Perhaps we'll take them to a nearby petting zoo but it's warm outside and I think Zoë will be tired soon; she's only two years old and walked quite a bit today.


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