Cashew chicken and rice recipe

The other day I cooked a really nice meal for the three of us. All I had in the refrigerator was some chicken filet and vegetables, and we had rice in the cupboard. So, what to do? In the supermarket I got the idea to make some Thai-like meal and got a few more ingredients. Back at home, I started cutting and cooking, and about 45 minutes later we had a really nice dinner. I'm gonna share the recipe with you. Alter it as much as you want, and don't forget to experiment a bit. :)

Cashew chicken and rice.
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So, what do you need for my cashew, chicken and rice meal, good for 2-4 people? Of course, you'll need rice. We tend to cook a cup and a half of rice in 4 cups of water. Experience tells us that that is just the right amount for the three of us. Cook the rice as you would normally do. We prefer our rice a bit sticky; you decide on how you want it, OK?

Onwards! Cut 2 spring onions, 1 small (or 1/2 a big one) paprika, 1/2 a normal onion and 3 cloves of garlic into small pieces. They'll all go in at the same time so keep them seperate on a small plate or saucer.

Cut 150-300 grams of chicken filet in cubes. Use the lower amount if you mind how much meat you eat. Use the higher amount if you like a meal with plenty of chicken. Don't cut the filet too small, though. The meat will shrink a bit when it's cooking. Put the cut chicken in a small box (like you might use for the microwave or so).

Add salt, curry powder, chicken spice (I like to use Conimex Cashew Chicken kipkruidenmix), 2-4 spoons of spicy paprika sauce (my favourite is Baktat Scharfe Paprikasosse)and a sprinkling of Thai fish sauce (I got a small vial of Bart Spices Thai fish sauce) to the cut chicken, and mix it al very well. Make sure all the chicken is covered in a nice layer of spices and paprika sauce.

Heat up some oil in your stir-fry pan. Add about 25 grams of baking butter. Heat the oil and butter until it turns a nice, rich brown.

Put the spiced chicken in the pan and bake the chicken until it is done. I like to bake the chicken until it is a little burned, like you would get when you put it on the BBQ. Don't burn it too much, though! We want chicken, not cinders. :)

When the chicken is done, add the cut vegetables and some salt. Mix the vegetables and chicken very well.

Add some green beans (whachamacall sperciebonen in English? Got to look it up), some carrot and some green peas. Stir well.

Add some soy sauce. For us, I use Conimex Cashew Chicken sojasausmix. If you prefer to use real soy sauce then about 5 table spoons should be enough, though you can experiment with the amounts and flavours. I hear Shoyu is very nice. Also add about 500 ml of water to the mixture of chicken and vegetables. Mix it all very well.

Stir well and heat until the water boils. Leave it all boiling for 5-10 minutes. Don't forget to stir everything a little every few minutes.

Add a handful of cashew nuts (salted or non-salted, as you prefer).

Serve, after about 5 more minutes of cooking, with rice.

Cut some slices of cucumber and tomato and serve these with the rice and chicken.



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