Image tank, 1. R-D1 and laptops, 0.

So far I've only received my 80 GB Apacer Share Steno CD311. It seems to be a nifty little device. Too bad there's no card reader in the package but since I have a good one myself, it's not too much trouble. It backups my 1 GB CF card pretty fast; much faster, in fact, than I had expected. The interface is rather limited and the display is tiny but both are adequate. I'm just a little disappointed by the OK/L-R-U-D buttons, which seem to interfer with eachother a bit. I think I got quite a useful gadget for less than 200 euro.

My newly ordered Dell laptops should arrive by th end of this week. I do hope so. I already ordered the things Sunday last week. Dell couldn't verify my credit card so I had to call them on Monday and transfer the money by bank transfer. No problem, of course, but it took them 4-5 days to send me an order confirmation. Pretty slow, if you ask me.

The R-D1 is still with Customs. No idea when they'll release it and how much tax they'll slap on it. I don't care about the taxes; I just wish they'd make haste with these things. How difficult is it to calculate taxes due? I can do it in a couple of minutes through their own website (it's 19% over the total price).


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