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The Rangefinderforum book finally came to life last March, and a fine book it has become. I'm really very proud of this book, and even prouder that the first two photos in the book are mine. :) The book is for sale at RFF Forum's shop at Lulu.com. Of course, I recommend this book. It is a marvelous book that saw the light of day through a rather special project among rather special people, the members of the wonderful Rangefinderforum.

Rangefinder Photography: 25 Photographers -- One Passion

Ten of my photos of Mongolia have also been published in the Mongolian literary and cultural magazine GUNU, of which I'm of course also very proud.

Gunu magazine - ISBN 99929-73-67-6

I enjoyed a bit of luck with this publication; my brother-in-law, Mend-Ooyo Gombojav, is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. He is an outstanding poet and works actively to promote Mongolian poetry, literature and other cultural expressions in Mongolia itself and abroad. The magazine is published in support of the 26th World Congress of Poets that will be held in Mongolia in 2006. Coincedently is 2006 also a commerative year: 800 years of Mongolian Empire and the 860th birthday of the man of the Millenium, Chinggis Khaan.

If you feel like coming to Mongolia in 2006, drop me a line and I'll see what I can arrange for you.

I'm busy creating a book or two of my own. The first book, which is nearing completion, contains photos of my family-in-law. The photos were taken during the Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian Buddhist New Year) celebrations last February. The two weeks I spent there were also the last weeks for Sumiya and Nomin in Mongolia. The only proper way I could think of to thank her family for the "wedding" and departure gifts they so generously lavished upon us, and all the good care and friendship they've shown me, is this book I'm putting together. It should be ready before coming summer.

A future book will contain my view on the lifes and times of the people living in the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar. These districts are the sprawling suburbs of Ulaanbaatar and are rapidly changing. The photos in this book are the first selection of an ongoing photo project to record the ger districts for posterity.

Both of these books will become available through RML's Bookshop at Lulu.com.


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