Yesterday was my birthday... 35 years old I became.

What can I say. I'm not sad, I'm not happy. Actually, I don't feel much about it.

My nephew, Timo, also celebrates his B-day on May 5, so we went over to my sister's in Lelystad. B-day parties are usually only a little fun, especially when the B-day boy is only 4 years old and couldn't care less whether his uncle is B-day'ing as well. :)

Nomin was enjoying herself, playing in the garden with the other children. But Sumiya and I went out for a walk to the Noordersluis as we had nothing to do but sit and drink. We took a nice, long walk together along the waterfront. Sumiya saw, for the first time, how a sluis works and was amazed by the thought that the Dutch really created Holland from water and mud, and that we were walking where less than 75 years ago fishermen were sailing there fishing boats.

One day I'll have to take her to the province of Zeeland, so she can see the stormvloedkering and other Deltaworks that were erected there in response to the disasterous flood of 1953. And I'll have to show here the history of the province of Flevoland and the birth of the IJsselmeer.

Check out www.deltawerken.com for more information on the Deltaworks of Holland, or go to dronten.flevoland.to/geschiedenis for a history of Flevoland and the IJsselmeer. The Golden Age, windmills and tulips are important subjects from our nation's long and eventful history but if you want to get to grips with what makes Holland in the 21st century, you'll have to find out about out struggle with the water over the past 100 years.


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