Digital cameras, image tanks and laptops.

I'm too excited! Yesterday Dr Joseph emailed me, telling the R-D1 has arrived in Holland and is currently in hands of Customs. I do hope sooooo much Customs sent the camera off yesterday so I'll receive it today. But that's if I'm veeery lucky. If I'm a little less lucky Customs will send off the camera today so I receive it tomorrow, which would be just in time for me to take it to Belgium this Friday.

Last week I also ordered an Apacer CD311 80 GB image tank. Of course I got an email telling they couldn't fulfill my order yet because of some delivery problems. The image tank, too, should arrive today or tomorrow. But I have doubts....

Then, beginning this week, I ordered two new laptops from Dell. :) I still haven't received a proper order number from Dell, so it'll probably take another week or two before I'll receive these.


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