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I got myself some new CDs lately. I probably hadn't bought anything new in several years, except for Kylie's "Fever", which I still enjoy thoroughly. However, as my wife and child are now living with me, I couldn't show up with some extra hard or heavy music (and I wouldn't anyway; my choice of music has really changed over the past 10 years). Instead I came home with more R&B than I ever would expect.

My choices...? Well, first there is Kylie's "Ultimate Kylie", a double CD with the best songs of her long career. To be honoust, I prefer her latest work (which is on CD 2) while I can't listen to her older work (being on CD 1). It's too... euh... old, I guess. :)

Secondly, I got me Craig David's "Slicker than your average". Some time ago I heard a remix of his song "What's your flava?" and liked it so much I googled for it. After having found out the performer's name I went to the store and got the CD. I listened to his first CD as well but wasn't much impressed with it.

My third new purchase was Angie Stone's "Stone love". This is a wonderful CD. I love the soulful music she makes and I find it a pleasure to play the CD. In my opinion this is a CD for all moments, from early morning coffee to late night romantic dinner.

My last new CD is Kelis' "Tasty". It has a "Parental advisory: explicit lyrics" sticker on the box but I have been unable to find any explicitness, except for a single mentioning of the word "dick". Well, if that's gonna shock the world then we've slid down the drain quite deep. As for the CD, I like it very much. I'm particularly charmed by the song "Stick up" though the rest of the songs are not to be sneezed at either.

New CDs.
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