New house

We're currently buying a house. The house we now live in is really too tiny for two adults and a child. The space hasn't been too much of a problem so far but our little girl is growing up and needs her own room. We need a room for ourselves as well, for privacy and so we won't get disturb too early in the morning in the weekends.
And we want a room we can use as an office.

I need more space for the work I have with my photography; the scanning, the computer work, the printing and the storing of the negatives. Sumiya needs a work place as well to do her computer work, her writing and her studying.

We found a really nice house for a good price, at least when you consider we still live in Amsterdam. The house is not as close to the inner city as where we now live but the tram stops right in front of the house and takes us in about 30 minutes into town.

Now we just have to wait for the mortgage to come through. A few more weeks and we'll now more.


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