In a Hanomag on veg oil to Mongolia...?

Well, whaddayaknow! I just bumped into a website about one of the oddest but nicest challenges I've ever heard of! Ever thought of taking an old Hanomag truck, let it run on vegetable oil, and take it through Russia to Mongolia? Photographer Jeroen Nooter and graphic artist Sara Nuytemans are just doing that! On June 24 they left for their trip, which sofar took them through Germany and Poland, into Russia. The last update of the site is of August 22.

Their motivation for this huge undertaking? To make the world aware of the alternatives to petrol-powered vehicles, that vegetable oil is a viable alternative, and that we can be environmentally friendly while still driving our cars. A secondary motive is to create a greater awareness of Mongolia. In my book these motives make them heroes!

I hope they enjoy their trip, have a wonderful time and experiences, and make it to Mongolia in one piece. Jeroen and Sara, sain yavaarai!


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