Mongolian movies in Amsterdam

On a Mongolian note. We don't seem to have an extensive Mongolian society here in Holland but Mongolian art and culture is at times well represented. This month there is at least 1 performance to attend here in Amsterdam.

This time it's a childrens' movie Sucho and the horsehead violin in KIT. The storyline would indicate an interesting movie. From the KIT website:
One day, Sucho, a herder boy, meets a white horse with which he sets forth to journey around the world. This Mongolian folktale, Sucho and the Horsehead Violin, is a musical performance about friendship, loyalty and deceit.

Age: 8+
zondag 11 september 2005 14:00 Kleine Zaal
Eu 4,- (t/m 13 jaar) Eu 8,- (14+)
Eu 8,00 (Eu 4,00)

Another movie, one that's been running for 55(!) weeks now in Rialto Filmtheater, is The Story of the Weeping Camel. National Geographic has this to say about the movie:
The Story of the Weeping Camel is an enchanting film that follows the adventures of a family of herders in Mongolia's Gobi region who face a crisis when the mother camel unexpectedly rejects her newborn calf after a particularly difficult birth. Uniquely composed of equal parts reality, drama, and magic, this film is a window into a different way of life and the universal terrain of the heart.

This is one very nice movie. I enjoyed it very much. It's slow moving but the landscape and the humor makes up for that. The final scene is specially touching and emotional. I had to wipe away a tear. :) Higly recommended.

The Story of the Weeping Camel

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