Looking for your dream house?

Looking for your dream house? For those living or moving to Holland and looking for a house or real estate to buy, there's no other starter source than funda.nl. This search engine for real estate is wonderfully simple to use. It let's you select not just your price but also region, postal code and even a particular address. Interested only in real estate in new development projects? You can select that. Looking for an apartment or free-standing house, or building land? Just select it from the appropriate menu.

When you've made your choices, the website gives you an overview of all the properties that meet your choices. Select one of these and you'll be presented with an extensive overview of not just the property but also the neighbourhood. You'll instantaneously know whether it is a high-income, high-education area or not; or whether there are many singles living there, or young families with young children. It's never a bad idea to visit the neighbourhood a few times at different periods to get a feel for the place, or to talk to some people in the neighbourhood, but the information funda provides gives you a head start.

The detailed information on a property even includes an estimate of the monthly mortgage expenses and the "service costs". This realy comes in handy when comparing properties as the asking price is often not the clincher but the service costs!

When you've made your choice, you simply click the link to email the real estate agent to make a visiting appointment. From there on it's all up to you, your mortgage advisor and your real estate agent, but at least you've saved yourself a lot of money already, had a good time searching for that dream house and made your thoughts much clearer on what kind of property you want and what that property will cost.

We used funda and found what we were looking for, for a reasonable price, in a nice neighbourhood. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found what we wanted, and we have funda to thank for it.

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