Sweet smell of autumn

It's half December. Late autumn in Holland. The weather is wet, grey and cloudy. It's windy too, so, even though the temperature is often closer to 10 degrees C than 5 degrees C, it feels nippy, sometimes outright nasty. The trees have by now mostly shed their leaves. The air smells of wetness and like a beer brewery. I like that smell, even when it becomes almost sickening sweet. The whole city is emerced in it, and thought the wind clears the air, still pockets of this fermenting hops smell linger in unexpected places. All of a sudden, the smell of beer drops on you like an ambush, like it was waiting in cover for a victim. Other times, a whif of air brings the sweet smell from around a corner, luring you, begging you to follow it. And what can I do? I must resist! I have other things to do, places to go, people to see. But it is so tempting to follow my nose, be lured into the unknown, and let myself be overwhelmed by this rich, sweet smell.

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