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Moving house is awful! It's darn nice to have a new house that's bigger, brighter and more comfortable to live in, but not only is the packing stressful (will we have it all done in time?!), on moving day you're working from morning till night just to get everything to the other house. You don't sleep much in those days, you're working like a slave, you don't get much rest and to boot you end up with a nice new house full with boxes and packed items that need a new place.

Another stressful part is to get all your mail delivered in the right place, to get all your contacts (especially the bank, the insurance company, your work, etc.). You don't realise until you move how much mail you get and how many address changes you need to pass on. Fortunately the mail company is willing to forward all your mail to your new address, for a fee. But that fee is small and the rewards are huge: no more worrying that you'll miss anything. And if you keep the envelops of the mail that got forwarded, you end up with a list of contacts that you still need to inform.

The worst part, however, is the cable company! Their online house moving notification service doesn't work properly. More than three weeks ago I filled out that service and was expecting at least some response within a week. Two weeks later, still nothing! So, I called them on their 10 cents per minute information number and was told they didn't have any record of my moving notification. The lady on the phone was very nice and placed another notification, and now, a week and a half later, we got a call that next week the technician will come by. And when then? Well, between noon and six! Meaning I'll need to take a half day off from work. Well, it seems that's the price we have to pay for a new house. :)

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