Free concert of Vive La Fete

Vive La Fete, one of my favourite bands, will be playing FOR FREE in the "Grote Zaal" in music centre "Het Patronaat" in Haarlem on Fiday 30 September!

For more information, check Patronaat.nl.

I just love Vive La Fete. Their music gives me a good feeling, without being sugar sweet. In fact, their music is very reminiscent of 1980s punk and rock, with a seasoning of electro-pop, and a topping of joy and happiness. And the sexy blonde Els Pynoo isn't just "nice" to look at but also puts the voice to the songs in true punk way, adding much to the experience.

My favourite song is Maquillage (mp3). I can't get enough of that song, giving me energy and making me feel very lively.

Take a look at the
Vive La Fete website
or at the
Vive La Fete official fanclub website

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