Katrina aftermath

Hurricane Katrina was one the worst disasters ever to hit the United States. But a worse, social, disaster is lurking: the further erosion of civil and constitutional rights.

Admittedly, I vote for the political left (that is, European left, not American Democratic left!) so perhaps I'm a little biased but when it comes to what is now happening in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina should be a wake-up call to every woman and man, of every creed and conviction.

While people are desperate for reliable, independent information from the disaster area, martial law has been declared and journalists and photographers alike are under threat. Blackwater mercenaries, who roam and patrol the NO disaster area, block the free gathering of information with threats and violence. News gatherers are liable to be captured and placed in custody, effectively stemming the tide of unfavourable news of the current crisis.

This is an outrage, and one that could have far-reaching consequences for everyone. If a government is willingly blocking critical inspection of its workings and actions, the nation as a whole has a duty to oppose this attitude with every means available. If we sit back and lot it go, we'll end up with dictatorship. Ask your veteran grandpa what consequences that could have, and what the cost will be to remedy it.

For some critical thinking take alook at these links. Make up your own mind, and act accordingly.

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