Iraq from the ground

To start, I'm not a fan of the war in Iraq or of the strong-arm methods the US pratices to get what they want from other nations. I'm not the only one, and I also know there are plenty of people who hold a different view. It's not my place to tell anyone I'm right in this case and they're wrong, so I won't. That the war has significant impact on many people and nations is, however, clear. What is clear as well is that the news reports in Europe mainly focus on the regular bombings in Baghdad, the ever increasing death toll among the US soldiery and (sometimes, when precious news time permits) the Iraqi population and the big boys in Washington.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find the blog by Michael Yon. It focusses on the regular grunt in Iraq, showing everyday life, their experiences on the streets, their encounters and, though the stories sometimes seem too peaceful or clean-cut, adds a level of realism to the war that is severly lacking in the news. The blog looks very professional, the stories are a good read, and in general I left the blog with perhaps not a better understanding of the war but at least a new angle of view, something that is in my opinion already a good thing. After all, it's better to found your opinions on two or three sources than on one, especially when that one is subject to availability and accuracy.

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