My dad is in hospital - continued

Life sucks big time when a close relative, especially a parent, ends in hospital. But it sucks even harder when it seemed he was making a good recovery and then has a severe relapse. My dad was doing pretty well under the circumstances. He was transferred to a regular sick room in the hospital, he had removed the oxigen feed by himself the night before and the nurses had given him a mouth cap, he was talking and, though he was tired, he was bright and awake.

Last night, though, he suffered severe breathing problems, leading to hypoxia and anoxemia (lack of oxigen in blodd vessels, tissue and organs). It caused his blood pressure to drop again and he ended up being moved back to intensive care. I visited him this morning there. His situation seemed to have calmed and stabilised again. The nurse wasn't pessimistic about it, so I have good hope that my dad will pull through. One thing is that his kidneys might have suffered from this second hypoxia.

Pull through, dad! I know you're strong-bodied and strong-willed. If anyone can pull himself through this situation, it must be you. Besides, we have an appointment in Mongolia in two years!

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