My dad is in hospital

Yesterday morning, around 9.45am, my father was admitted to hospital. His abdominal artery had ruptured, which hadn't been detected by his physician the day before. During the night, he lost more and more blood and only by shere luck and chance did my mother call 112 in time.

My father was rushed to hospital. en route he had to be reanimated as his blood pressure had dropped so low his heart gave out. In hospital he was in the OR in minutes, where the surgeons did their magic to save my father's life. Those were the hardest, longest couple of hours I can remember.

By quarter past twelve the surgeon came to tell us they had done their job. A part of the artery had been removed and replaced, and my father had made it through the operation. He had taken the first hurdle succesfully.

My father was then taken to IC, where the nurses and doctors stabilised him, hooked him to all kinds of monitoring equipment, medication and IVs. After a while we were allowed to see him. He didn't look to good, of course, but he didn't look too bad either. But the surface reveals little about the internals. The doctor explained what had caused this rupture, what was done to remedy it, what they would be doing in the next 24 hours and, most importantly, what complications and dangers were still lurking out there.

By 3pm we had all visited my father. Now there was nothing we could do. We decided to go home, get some rest and food, and return later for the evening visiting hour.

My father in hospital.
Epson R-D1
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50/2 ZM
film: iso400; shutter time: 1/23 sec; aperture: f4

I arrived a little later then the rest, with my little girl. We had told her about grandpa's condition. She was utterly surprised. When we arrived at the IC, I was told that my dad was showing some great progress. He was already awake, was able to understand us, even already trying to communicate with us. Of course, he still looked like crap but he couldn't have made us happier. The visiting hour was soon over and we had to leave. All of us were in an optimistic mode, though I guess we all had that little warning voice in the back of our heads saying: "Don't sell the hide yet...!"

My father in hospital.
Epson R-D1
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50/2 ZM
film: iso400; shutter time: 1/26 sec; aperture: f4

This morning my mother called me. She had called the IC to inform on my father's condition. He's strong and strong-willed (if not sometimes flat out stubborn) and during the night he had removed the breathing tube that was inserted into his throat. The nurses weren't too happy about that but allowed it anyway and had place a breathing mask over my dad's mouth.

It seems he's doing quite well considering the circumstances. If the doctors are satisfied, my dad might be moved to the Special Care Unit today.

Three cheers to the ambulance personel, the surgical team, the IC personel and everyone else who helped save my dad's life! You're too numerous to thank you all personally but you've all done a tremendous job. My father is still not out of the danger zone but thanks to all your good work at least he now has a fighting chance.

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