Saturday night movie night

I just watched the movie "Pluto Nash". Not really a terrific movie; entertaining for an hour and a half but hardly worth remembering. However, the song "It's alright" by Lina is great! I never heard it before but I like it, and I'm sure Sumiya will enjoy it as well. I've got to find a way to get this song cheaply. Maybe it's time to dive into the ocean of online music stores....

Which movie shall I watch now? I think it's gonna be "Moulin Rouge".

Now what?

So now I am a blogger too? Let's see what comes of it.

I intend to use this blog to record my travels, sometimes some thoughts and experiences, perhaps a few tips on photography, and to post a few photos.

Why? Because on my travels I keep some sort of diary, which I always try to transcribe into Word. I never succeed. After all, what use is an e-version of anything if no-one will ever read it anyway? But maybe if it gets published as a blog someone might find it amusing.

That's it. Time for some entries....