Moved house!

It's been a while since I last wrote here on the blog but I've been terribly busy. In the past week We've packed up all of our belongings and moved house. I hope never to have to move again. :) We all worked hard and slept little, and still had to go to work and school.

Then, finally, last Sunday, we moved house with the help of my parents, my sister and her partner, and two of my friends. I'm truly greatful for all of their help. They did a great job, worked hard, put up with the heavy boxes, and were a great mental aid to Sumiya and me. It's good to have parents, siblings and friends you can fall back on.

And now we all are tired, physically and mentally tired! Except Nomin, of course, who recouperates so easily that we both are a bit jealous (in a nice way). Both of us are getting better, though. A few more days, a few good meals and a bit more sleep, and we'll be good again.

Anyway, if we ever move house again I'll definitely consider using a moving company!

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