Qumana? Technorati?

Now what is this?

I'm trying out a little program called QumanaLE, which let's one create blog entries offline. In itself a really useful tool but I'm not too satisfied with this particular one. It's kinda slow working, I haven't been able yet to set templates, and there are some awkward things when it comes to editing what you've typed. It does come, however, with an in-build Technorati tags tag generator.

[edit] I can't say I'm too happy with the result of this program! It creates very bad HTML, and there's no way to edit links once you've created them. If I still have to go to my Blogger page to edit the posting, I might just as well write and post from there immediately. I can't endorse this program, so I removed the link to the website. IMO this is what we call in dutch "broddelwerk".

I just found out about Technorati. It looks like a pretty nifty website. Being able to search for particular tags, which index a blog entry's contents, is yet another way of finding the information you want in the information jungle of the internet. I'll have to remember this tagging. I may have to give it place in my entry template.

Technorati Tags :

What would Genghis Khan do?

Via the Cuppa Chai blog of another Mongolia fan I found this article. Pretty cool idea! What would Genghis Khan do? Apart from the spelling (I definitely prefer Chinggis Khaan) there's little wrong. Turning the other cheek, like our man Jesus, or take revenge, like the great Khaan? Decisions, decisions! And as long is our actions are like Jesus' (it'll keep you out of jail), our thoughts can be like the Khaan's.